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Directing "So This Happened", a new play

Rachel is ecstatic to be directing another one of Derek Davidson's plays, "So This Happened". In this play, we follow a group of friends from 2016 - 2020 as they deal with their personal, career, and political struggles. Despite their differences and the changing world around them, they continue to remain faithful to their monthly unions. Counteracted with clowns stirring up trouble, this play captures how many Americans were feeling during those 4 years and reminds us that the universe is ever-expansive and that that should bring us closer together.

This is the World Premiere of this play, and we hope it has a life after this staged reading.

Original Reading Cast:

History Teacher - Jenny Mollet

Astronomer - Eddie Datz

Performance Artist - Rebecca Escobedo

Pierrette - Olivia Fitts

Pierrot - Ryan Albinus

Stage Directions/Alexa/Newscaster - Kennedy Campbell

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