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Directing 35mm by Ryan Scott Oliver

Rachel had the opportunity to direct 35mm for the Black Theatre Ensemble at Western Carolina University which was streamed online on April 29th 2020! Below is Rachels directors note for the production:

"35MM is about moments in time. Those moments are real for the people in them, and they must feel real for the audience too. Instead of having a bunch of separate stories, I would the through-line to be based in humanity and the genuine nature of storytelling. The singers are using their voices to tell the story, but the movement ensemble has the big task of building the world of the show, carrying the story through the mountains and valleys of the world we all get to build. In this time of COVID, many of us feel disconnected. In school, we're acting to a computer. What I want 35MM to give the audience is a taste of humanity and connection we're all craving; to do this, I want the movers and singers to be connected to their individual stories. This show already has many callbacks and through-lines written into the music by the outstanding Ryan Scott Oliver, and bringing that in with the movement will enhance the truth even further."

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